The Backstory: I'm Just a Podcaster. . .

The Backstory: I'm Just a Podcaster. . .

I'm not a guru. I'm just a guy learning how to make money podcasting and how to grow my own and my clients' podcasts. Learn with me. Follow along while I interview podcasters from all walks of life and podcasting about their journey to making money.

From trading sponsorship for pizza to making multiple 6-7 figures a year from their podcast. We share their story to help you get inspired and take real actionable items from each show.

This podcast is an inside look at how podcasts are making money in today's landscape.

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Jase Kraft:
Episode zero zero of How to make money podcasting, I know why you're here, you're here because either you want to learn how to make money from your podcast or make more money from your podcast, which, let's be honest, is pretty obvious by the title of this here podcast. But if you're at Episode zero zero, you probably want in the back story of who this is for, who I am, the host and really what's the story behind the podcast. So I'm here to tell you that, first of all, about me, there's nothing special about me. My name Jase Krafts. I'm a podcast just like you. I have a podcast outside of this podcast called The Science of Sports Recovery. But I started podcasting when I was in software sales and it was a great way for me to just network around the community, make more connections and in a roundabout way make more software sales. I started my job in the middle of a pandemic and let's just say it was a lot easier to make a phone call to somebody and say, hey, you want to be on my podcast, then, hey, do you want to buy my software package? But through connecting with my target market in my podcast, giving value to them and to the listeners, I was able to make more software sales than I would have, just cold calling people and doing it that way. So I did for my very first podcast, you could say that I made money from it in an indirect way, but I quickly learned that I like the podcasting side more than I like the software sales side.

Jase Kraft:
So I started another podcast called The Science of Sports Recovery in November of twenty twenty. But, you know, it was really October when I started doing the actual interviews and getting all of this prep work done for the launch of that podcast. And I realized that throughout that podcast I learned a ton about a sports recovery. And just a quick side note. The reason why I started that podcast, it was I am training for Spartan races. I was a 4:10 miler in college, big running background and looking to go into the elite field of the Spartan obstacle course racing kind of world as well. So that's why I started that podcast, to really learn more about how to get better as an athlete. And I learned so much that I've started telling people that, hey, if you want to learn something about a subject, any subject, whether it be sports recovery, whether it be gardening, start a podcast on that subject because it gives you a reason to interview those people that are smarter than you. And it gives you the opportunity to say, hey, do you want to be on podcast and gives you the opportunity to actually talk to them and ask them the questions that you would want to know in a certain situation that's going to give you value, is going to give you that valuable connection and is going to give your listeners value at the same time.

Jase Kraft:
So obviously by the title of this podcast, it's pretty clear what I'm trying to learn and you can learn with me. And that's the whole beauty of this thing. See, the the whole genesis, if I want to tell the long story, which if you're listening to a podcast, I guess you're open to long stories, is of from this podcast that the real reason how this all got started is after launching the science of the Sports Recovery podcast, I realized that. I was serious about podcasting for the first time because my other podcast was really about the sales, not about the podcast, and I got lonely. I didn't know any other podcasters. I really wasn't sure, like, what was the best way to go? What was it? And so I put out a networking kind of notice, if you will. I put out on Facebook and a few different groups saying, hey, if I hosted a networking event specifically for podcasts and podcast host, but anybody show up. And overnight I had three hundred messages in my messenger inbox or comments on that post and count me in. And when is that like all this positive stuff saying, hey, podcasters want to get together and talk about the growth of their podcasts and what they've been seeing working and and what have you.

Jase Kraft:
And that's what I realized, like, hey, there's a need for this in the market to actually have actual meet ups, not just a forum post in a group, which is all fine and dandy. And there's definitely a space for that. But we also need to be real life with people that are doing the same thing that we are doing. So I started hosting these networking events back in December of twenty twenty and we've been doing about twice a month ever since. And the more I got into the podcasting community, the more I realized one. I was actually doing a pretty good job with my podcast as far as how old it was, how many downloads I was getting and that kind of stuff. But I got the same questions over and over and over again is how to grow your podcast, how to monetize your podcasts. Well, I also had those questions. And but because I was leading these networking groups and that kind of stuff, people assumed that I knew something about podcasting, which probably I mean, I knew some something about podcasting and I could work my way around. Obviously, the editing side. I own the production company now for podcast. But when it came to growth and scaling at that time, I wasn't that sure. So I went out and started talking to people. And I started learning that there was other podcasts out there about how to make money podcasting, how to grow your podcast, and there was it was a lot of either duos or solo people and their podcast telling that telling you how they make money from that podcast that's telling you how to make money, but also a podcast from other podcasts and other niche.

Jase Kraft:
But the the problem I had with these podcasts is that this came from one point of view and it doesn't cover the breadth of ways somebody can make money from their podcasts. And I'm not here badmouthing any of those podcasts. I think there's a lot of good content and a lot of value from that. But I also know that just because I was able to monetize a podcast in the software sales niche doesn't mean that's the same way you're going to be able to monetize your podcasts in whatever niche that you are in and what interests you. So I wanted to start a podcast that really highlighted how to make money from any sort of niche and from any sort of download count or subscriber count or following. And that's where I landed on. I just have to make my own and I'm going to interview podcasters, hear their story from all different walks of life, I guess you could say, or podcasting. And so far it's been quite entertaining interviews, to say the least. I've had and I've had interviews that somebody was trading sponsorship on their podcast for a free pizza to a week.

Jase Kraft:
I've had people who are making one hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year from their podcasts and sponsorships in other ways. And at the end of the day, when you look at monetizing your podcast. You'll be able to learn something from somebody else and maybe they're in your niche, maybe they're not, but you can use their strategy and implement it into your own podcast. And that's really the the goal here. So this podcast is not going to be about how I make money from my podcasts, although I will give you updates every now and then if you are interested in that. But it will be highlighting the different ways you can make money from wherever you are at on your podcast or whether that's the opportunity to get free pizza, whether that's the opportunity to make one hundred and eighty k, that is going to be up to your niche, your, your talent and ultimately how good at podcasting you are. But at the time of this episode release, I wouldn't call myself an expert in making money from podcasting. I can credit some software sales. I have some affiliate commissions coming in from my second podcast, but nothing I'm making a living from. As I said before, I do make a living outside of this with my podcast production company called Perfect My Podcast. But my goal here is to take you behind the scenes of different podcasts.

Jase Kraft:
And how they're making money and being very transparent on when they started making money, how much money they were making, what downloads they had at that time and where they're at now, to give you an idea of what's possible for your podcast now and in the future. So if any of this resonates with you, if the follow or the subscribe button on your podcast player and follow along with me each week on my quest to show you what's possible and how to make money from your podcast, you can hit me up on LinkedIn or shoot me an email or come to one of our networking events and join our Facebook group. If you're listening to this in April of twenty twenty, I am hosting the Podcasters Growth Summit, April twenty third and April twenty fourth. I'll have a link to that in the show notes. Otherwise you can go to that purrfect. My podcast dot com slash podcasters with an S growth summit. They'll take you to the registration page. It's free to attend. You can come there. I encourage you to do so. If this is out in the future, we'll I'm sure we'll do it again as well. So just look at my page and events. Come to our Facebook group where we'll have all the events and you can keep up with us. So I appreciate you listening and I look forward to connecting with you.

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