9: Marketing Your Podcast with Pinterest Ads - Mark Reid

9: Marketing Your Podcast with Pinterest Ads - Mark Reid

Mark Reid is a Professor, lawyer, and Japanese paper maker. He is here to inspire, encourage mindfulness, make you laugh, and give you a realistic 21st century of the  "zen” lifestyle. He is the host of Zen Sammich. It is a podcast for the independent thinker and anyone who embraces life despite its absurdity. 

We interviewed Mark Reid as he shared his passion and expectations for podcasting prior to coming to the industry, his journey on monetization, and the paid marketing that he has done to increase his podcast reach.  

We covered: 

  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Patreon Monetization
  • Podcasting Expectations

More from Mark Reid: 

Podcast Website: https://redcircle.com/shows/zen-sammich

Blog Website: https://www.zensammich.com/

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